Group Retreats

Please contact us to express interest in group retreats. Let us know where in the world you'd like to experience a deep dive journey into health. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on upcoming events.

Personal Retreats

Personal retreats are designed to provide you with customized flexibility and strength training and give you a break from your day to day routine. Book your personal retreat to suit your schedule for whatever length you desire.

Who It's For

Personal retreats are ideal for those who are interested in...

  • Pain management

  • Injury recovery and prevention

  • True flexibility and strength upgrades

  • Athletic and artistic performance enhancements

  • Physical, physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health improvements

Personal retreats are a great option for those that do not live in California and are thus unable to have regular sessions. For both locals and visitors from around the globe, our personal retreats offer a comprehensive and concentrated training experience.

People of all ages and abilities have benefited from our personal retreats. We've helped those searching for relief from debilitating pain, wanting to problem solve some aspect of their body or health, or seeking personal development. Our approach is customized to meet the needs and objectives of each individual.

What to Expect

  • Customized program to directly target your body's needs and your mobility goals

  • Intensive private flexibility training

  • Sport-specific training to optimize athletic ability and performance

  • Dietary, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations

  • At home self-stretch program designed just for you

  • Maximum gains in flexibility, posture, health, and mental fitness

Included Each Day

  • Private Assisted Stretching Sessions

    Each session offers intensive and personalized flexibility training tailored to your body, needs, and goals. We assess you in numerous positions and make stretch and strength movements to problem solve your issues. Besides problem solving, we also specialize in developing a person into new ways of being. We ask lots of questions, listen intently, and observe everything.

    Learn more about assisted stretching

  • Private Self Stretching Sessions

    We create a custom series of stretch and strength movements just for you, designed to empower you with the ability to stretch and strengthen yourself at any time and place.

    Learn more about self stretching

  • Private Mashing Sessions

    Mashing is a system of therapy where one uses the feet to facilitate deep and dramatic changes in the body. Pressure can be applied to almost every area of the body to increase circulation, improve posture, and relieve chronic tenseness, knots, and adhesions within the muscles.

    Learn more about mashing

  • Follow-up Video Chat Sessions

    Our personal retreats are designed to upgrade your health in all ways and leave you empowered to keep progressing in your flexibility after you leave. To ensure this goal, your personal retreat includes two video chat sessions afterward. We will check in with you via Zoom, FaceTime, or an alternative video conferencing service. Video chat sessions are a great time to ask questions, share your changes, or perform exercises while receiving real-time feedback.

  • Email Support

    After your retreat, you are always free to email whenever you have any questions.

Get Started

Personal retreats are available in Santa Barbara, California or at your location by limited availability. The number of days for your retreat, number and length of sessions each day, and other details are all customizable to suit your desires and achieve your goals.

Please contact us to create your customized personal retreat.