Message from Luther...

Working with individuals in private sessions has been one of my primary ways of serving others for over twenty years. I offer specialized hands-on training that provides the body with supramaximal eccentric loading through all ranges of motion while targeting the pathways of greatest resistance. Through this practice, my body serves as an exercise machine to provide the force necessary to exceed the tensile strength of accumulated dense fascia and scar tissue within your body. I work to provide your body with a level of feel, sophistication, and customized movement that goes beyond traditional exercise equipment and personal training.

The immense force exerted through eccentric contractions presents a unique challenge to providing this service at scale. I offer a limited number of sessions to ensure that I have enough stamina to provide a high quality training experience. I also train others how to develop my body in order to boost my health and remove the occupational stresses from this physically demanding activity.

I aim to develop and disseminate knowledge, techniques, tools, structures, and machines that allow people around the world to have the mechanical advantage needed to eccentrically train at the highest levels of accuracy, efficiency, and frequency.

I work in Austin, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and around the world. My capacity for weekly private sessions is limited, so I primarily work with individuals through scheduled intensives. I am also available through online and group trainings.

Please reach out to me with any questions. I am happy to support you in your health journey to the best of my ability.

About Private Sessions

The duration and frequency of sessions depend on your goals and recovery. Session duration is anywhere from one to two hours with a frequency of one to three sessions per week. Professional artists/performers, Olympic/professional athletes, and business executives may receive multiple sessions daily, especially during performances, competitions, and periods of high stress.

The best results are achieved through periodic intensives which provide a comprehensive and concentrated training experience of solo, assisted, and mashing sessions along with nutritional advice over the course of several days.

Consultation Session

Get started with a consultation to discuss your goals and evaluate where your body is at in terms of its strengths and weaknesses. This will allow us to create your customized plan for generating optimal results.

Please contact us for more information and scheduling.

How We Work

Private sessions are centered around assisted practice, solo practice, mashing, and sharing perspective.

Assisted Stretching


This is your time for hands-on flexibility and strength training tailored to your body, needs, and goals. We assess you in numerous positions and use concentric, eccentric, and isometric contractions to problem-solve your issues. Together, we create immediate and cumulative improvements to your physical/physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health. Through this process, we develop an analysis of your biomechanics and review exercises you can practice in between sessions to continuously upgrade your health.

Group Work

Sessions may include one to three assistants in order to target all vectors of movement with optimal leverage and to add a variety of different skill sets to your treatment program.

One-on-one assisted work provides results several orders of magnitude greater than what you can achieve through solo work. Two-on-one, three-on-one, and four-on-one assisted work provides even greater benefits in less time. The more people available to assist, the more you can resist and generate tension, the greater the level of precision and sophistication of movement, and the more stable you will be in all planes of motion (adduction/abduction, flexion/extension, and internal/external rotation).

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Mashing is a therapeutic practice of manipulating the body's soft tissues using the feet. Nearly every area of the body can be mashed to increase circulation, improve posture, and relieve chronic tenseness, knots, and adhesions within the muscles.

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Self Stretching


Learn how to assess your positioning, flexibility, and strength to create a solo practice designed just for you.

Learn more about self stretching


One of our primary goals while working together is to target accumulated dense fascia and scar tissue within the body. These areas of density correspond with an excessive amount of resistance that a person is not able to consciously sense or feel. We work together to exceed the tensile strength of this dense tissue through supramaximal eccentric loading, which causes it to permanently reconfigure into a more optimal tensegrity matrix. As we continuously develop the health of the tissues in this way, these areas begin to "wake up" which allows the participant to not only feel the benefit of the process but to also feel the magnitude of the resistive force that has been hiding out in that area. In this way, the participant is able to use the newfound sensation of their physical body as a guide to also feel into aspects of their mental, emotional, and spiritual health that were similarly unfelt. This allows one to take on high behavioral traits that were previously challenging or otherwise absent.

To facilitate this holistic approach to problem-solving and developing health, sessions are designed to encourage an open dialog that allows the participant to verbalize what it is they are aware of. We often take breaks after working on a particular area of the body so that the participant can identify what has changed. This can be done by sensing into the targeted area, deferring to the attention, and sharing what enters into awareness. It is through this sharing of perspective from one's own internal view combined with receiving feedback from outside observers that allows a person to have a full spectrum toroidal view of their health.