Becoming Aware of Your Profile

Performing the energy flow series allows you to stretch and strengthen all 16 major muscle groups of the body. As you continue in your practice, you can develop a profile detailing the strength and flexibility of each of these major muscle groups. Through this, you can discover which muscle groups are tight, which are flexible, which are weak, and which are strong, along with the discovery of any asymmetries you may have.

Upgrading Your Profile

Once you become equipped with the knowledge of your current state of being through awareness of your body's strength and flexibility profile, it becomes difficult to not want to upgrade the areas of your body that could use improvement. You can begin to use your own body as the ultimate workout machine by resistance stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the weak muscles. Over time, you may begin to divert from the energy flow series in order to focus on the muscle groups that 'have some catching up to do' and require more work than others. You may develop new ways to resistance stretch and strengthen yourself as you divert from the structured path of preformatted self stretches.

Becoming Aware of Concomitance

As you remove areas of chronic tenseness/pain from your body, you may discover the connections between that tenseness/pain and the other areas of your life. At first, the physiological changes may be the most immediate and obvious. For example, many people report improvements in digestion, bowel movements, energy levels, sexual drive, and quality of sleep after beginning to stretch. It may soon become obvious to you that when a certain part of your body feels bad, other parts of your life also feel bad. So it goes to follow that when you make a particular area of your body feel good, then another particular area of your life will simultaneously feel good. You may begin to understand that it's impossible to make an improvement in one part of your self without it reflecting in all other parts of your self. The connection between your physical body and your spiritual, emotional, and psychological bodies may be revealed over time.

Becoming Fully Equipped to Consciously Create

This process allows you to be equipped with the knowledge and tools to upgrade whatever area of your life that you wish to improve. You may realize that living with tenseness/pain/stress is an option and choice instead of an inevitable part of life. You may become aware of the ability to live in your body as you see fit and as a result you can also live your life however you see fit. Infinite possibilities. May you become equipped with the knowledge and tools to upgrade your physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological health.

Self Resistance Stretching Example

Resistance Flexibility Training

To stretch, begin in position one and activate your hamstrings by continuously kicking your thigh and leg down toward the ground as you overpower that force with your arms to bring your thigh up toward your chest.

Resistance Strength Training

To strengthen, begin in position two and activate your hamstrings by continuously kicking your thigh and leg down toward the ground as you slow down that movement with your arms.

Resistance Stretching Video