We specialize in employee flexibility programs for corporations, small businesses, and industrial workplaces.

Sitting or standing for long periods of time, excessive computer work, and repetitive movements can cause muscle pain, tenseness, and weakness in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, back, hips, and legs.

We teach individuals how to balance their asymmetries by first profiling their life activities and experiences to identify their habitual movement patterns. Then we provide specific exercises that relieve constantly overworked areas while strengthening the areas that are often ignored. This supplies action specific training for activities that require repetitive movements or prolonged static positions.

Individuals experience immediate releases of tenseness, pain, and stress along with gains in flexibility, strength, posture, health, and mental fitness as they incorporate stretching into their work day. The ultimate result is an overall increase in performance.

Self stretching can be practiced throughout the day whether one works in a small business, industrial environment, or corporate setting. No matter the occupation or business, there is always time to self stretch throughout the day. We teach exercises that balance the actions of a job so that workers are able to live and work more efficiently.

We offer training in assisted stretching that empowers co-workers to stretch and strengthen each other so everyone can operate more efficiently as a team. Partner assisted stretching teaches co-workers how to communicate on a higher level as it requires verbal and physical communication.

Corporate Stretching

We teach individuals how being pain-free, strong, and flexible benefits the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. One is then able to focus on the task at hand and "make it happen" with fewer distractions from pain, tenseness, and weakness flowing through the body. There are specific muscle groups that can be resistance stretched and strengthened to bring out the high qualities that will allow one to succeed in a teamwork environment such as dependability, truth, fairness, equanimity, trust, enthusiasm, and integrity.

Small Business Stretching

Learn how to stretch and strengthen throughout the day. This practice does not require taking long breaks. One can perform simple stretches in between activities to make a positive impact on the body, work, and overall experience of the day. We teach co-workers how to stretch and strengthen each other so they can all "feel better together."

Industrial Stretching

We teach techniques that provide greater strength, flexibility, and range of motion while diminishing injuries, aches, pains, stiffness, and tenseness. Through this, one will learn how to take a proactive role in upgrading specific areas of potential injury. Flexibility is key for industrial workers looking to eliminate the restraints on performance and remove the physical stress that the body and mind can accumulate on the job.

Please contact us to develop a customized wellness program for your workplace.