Your Personalized Flexibility Training Program

From your home, office, or anywhere

Online sessions are available to assist you in developing your self practice. This is your time to ask questions about any particular concern and be guided through a routine of exercises customized just for you.

How It Works

Online sessions are available via Zoom.

All you'll need is a comfortable area to exercise, a reliable internet connection, and your phone/tablet/computer. If using a phone, we recommend having something on hand to prop up your device. It could be something as simple as a bag of rice or a stand/tripod.

During your session, you can ask any questions you may have about particular areas of your body or exercises you are having problems with. You can perform exercises and receive tips on how to feel into your body and improve your practice. You can then watch the same exercise being performed so you can learn through your visual perception.

Online sessions are designed to help you create a customized flexibility and strength training program that addresses your needs. You may also wish to have a friend in attendance so you can both learn basic assisted stretching techniques.

After Your Session

  • You will be equipped with the necessary base knowledge to use our Training Archive and develop yourself in all of the ways that you desire
  • You will receive a personalized exercise sequence based on your needs
  • You are welcome to ask any additional questions via email


Online Session

50 minutes


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