Santa Barbara, CA
April 1, 2023


Saturday, April 1st — 2:00 pm - 4:45 pm

28 Parker Way

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Learn how to stretch, get stretched, and stretch others. In this workshop, we will explore the unique relationship between resistance, flexibility, and strength through self and assisted stretching. Together, we will practice cutting edge techniques that remove accumulated dense fascia and scar tissue from the body while improving physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health.
Get Stretched with Luther Bryan

This practice is based on principles from toroidal geometry and traditional Chinese medicine. Learn how to problem-solve yoga poses, improve organ functionality, decompress joints, revitalize tissue health, alleviate pain, heal injuries, improve posture, develop peak performance, and optimally align yourself with both internal and external forces so that you can "win" while "losing" and cooperatively transition through conscious and unconscious perspectives.

The intention of this event is to empower you to be the authority of your health and explore fun ways to connect with others through partner stretching techniques that facilitate cooperative exchange and mutual health development. The suggested financial contribution is $65-$75. Participants unable to meet this threshold are welcome to choose the amount of their contribution.



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