New Zealand
August 3-8, 2023


@ Aro Ha

Luther will be the featured guest teacher at Aro Ha from August 3-8, 2023. Luther will be leading the morning session each day before breakfast from 6:30 to 8:00 am. After breakfast, there will be a group hike in New Zealand's sub-alpine World Heritage parks led by exprienced Aro Ha guides. Guests receive a massage after lunch followed by activities curated by Aro Ha such as nutrition demos, movement, meditation, restorative yoga, along with free time to relax in the spa and infrared sauna.

Throughout this retreat, Luther will share cutting-edge flexibility and strength training techniques that transform the body’s fascial tensegrity matrix. You will discover the unique relationship between resistance, flexibility, and strength. We will use eccentric, concentric, and isometric contractions to remove accumulated dense fascia and scar tissue from the body, with an emphasis on learning how eccentric training is the neglected but fundamental exercise that is key to rehabilitation and developing peak performance. We will also practice barefoot mashing therapy to facilitate energy flow, deep relaxation, and freedom of movement.

Message from Luther...

I am excited to be offering this retreat at my friend Damian's retreat center, Aro Ha, in New Zealand. I met Damian in 2008 when he invited me to offer flexibility training to his retreat guests in Ojai, California. He has since moved on to create a multi-award winning retreat center in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I hope you will join us on this wonderful healing adventure.

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